Laura Walsh Dickey, Ph.D.

Phonetics & Phonology: articulation, acoustics, transcription, and sound
patterns of language.

Naming & Branding:
product and service naming
and global linguistic
analysis of names.

Natural Language Processing:
corpus analysis and grammar building for NLP systems.

Speech Recognition:
multi-language phonetics informing creation and enhancement of automatic
speech recognition technology.


Bringing linguistics to language software and creative naming

Sound Expertise provides consulting services for companies and projects in need of linguistic expertise applied to real-world problems.

pronunciation guidance
product & service naming
natural language processing

automatic speech recognition
name analysis for global markets

Laura Walsh Dickey is a linguist: a consultant, a published scholar, and a professor. With a Ph.D. in Linguistics, her scientific expertise lies in the sounds and sound patterns of language. She brings knowledge of cross-linguistic articulation and acoustics to the language conundrums of global business.







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