Naming & Writing

Phonetics & Phonology: articulation, acoustics, transcription, and sound
patterns of language.

Naming & Branding:
product and service naming
and global linguistic
analysis of names.

Natural Language Processing:
corpus analysis and grammar building for NLP systems.

Speech Recognition:
multi-language phonetics informing creation and enhancement of automatic
speech recognition technology.


Linguistics can inform the creative side of naming... the creativity of writing can explain the technical aspects of linguistics

Naming Consumer Products and Corporations

Laura names consumer products for such companies as Heinz and Starbucks. Her naming projects run the gamut:

Naming Drugs and Over the Counter Products

Laura’s research experience with pharmaceuticals lends itself to naming products in this field, from dental health products to sleep aids to new prescription drug brand names.

Technical Writing

Laura wrote a chapter of an ESL textbook for ScottForesman publishers. The chapter was a guide for teachers on the articulation of all English consonants and vowels and it also pinpointed what problems speakers of specific other languages would have in learning English.

Laura spent a few years as an Outside Item Writer for the Educational Testing Service, writing Critical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning questions for the GRE and GMAT exams.

Language Expert

Laura’s language expertise has been called upon in many ways:


Laura reviews for academic journals such as Linguistic Inquiry and Linguistics as well as for publishers like Wolters Kluwer. She was the editor of The Max Planck Report, The University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics, and for a chapter of an ESL textbook aimed at teachers to help them understand what problems to expect from speakers of a variety of language backgrounds.

Web Writing

Laura co-created the first website for The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.


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