Phonetics & Phonology: articulation, acoustics, transcription, and sound
patterns of language.

Naming & Branding:
product and service naming
and global linguistic
analysis of names.

Natural Language Processing:
corpus analysis and grammar building for NLP systems.

Speech Recognition:
multi-language phonetics informing creation and enhancement of automatic
speech recognition technology.


Teaching linguistics and cognitive science at universities around the world

2009 & 2011
Singapore Institute of Management
Programme in Cognitive Science

University of Potsdam (Germany)
Erasmus Mundi Masters in Clinical Linguistics
Phonetic Impairments in Aphasia

University of Pittsburgh
Department of Communication Science & Disorders
Transcription Phonetics

Northwestern University
Department of Linguistics
Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Proseminar in Optimality Theory
Acoustic Phonetics
Language & Prejudice
Sound Patterns in Human Language
Multicultural Leadership Symposium

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Department of Linguistics
Phonological Theory
Linguistic Theory
Linguistic Diversity in the U.S

Bilingual English School (Japan)
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language


Contact Laura Walsh Dickey: laura@soundexpertise.com

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